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Name:Edward 'Ned' Poins
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Ned Poins is Prince Hal's sidekick from Shakespeare's 'Henry VI.' (appears in both parts), and little else is, outwardly, known about him. What Wikipedia has to say about him is very much less than helpful, and all of his lines fit onto two very handy pages online, most of which is the cues, not what he says. He most replies or reacts to Prince Hal, as a good sidekick does, and literally takes his cues from him.

Edward Poins, known as 'Ned' to his friends, is the only son of a deceased minor nobleman, quite penniless by now, but had quite a good education in his youth when his father was still alive. He can't just read and write, but run with any topic thrown at him in a witty manner. His sister (and maybe widowed mother, if she is still alive) is living with wealthier relatives, most likely of his mother's. He's not above breaking the law to get at some money, but will prefer mischief and mockery to plain crime at any time. He can be quite merciless to people he sees as somehow lesser spirits, but is quite good at understanding people, and actually a very good listener once you've convinced him that you're a person worthy of his attention. To say he's in the process of sowing his wild oats would be an understatement; he's probably squandered his meagre inheritance and is now fully stuck in the low life in Eastcheap. As for hanging out with Prince Hal, that's more than a novelty or presumed meal ticket for Poins, unlike Falstaff and most of his cronies. Hal just is this person to Poins, an intellectual equal among the low-lifes he's fallen in with; and unlike anybody else of their little posse, Poins understands him well enough to realise that after Hal's father's death, everything will change, and nobody gets to cash in on their former association with the prince. He's probably advised Falstaff against turning up at court, and when the silly deluded old man insisted, he's grabbed his scant possessions and made himself scarce, likely turning up at the country estate of the relatives where his sister (and maybe mother) are living, swearing to mend his ways and make himself useful from now on.

All this can be inferred from what little Poins says and does, with a side order of historical background knowledge of both the high medieval times the play is set in, and the Elizabethan age when it was written. Also, the way Poins is a) the one sidekick standing with Prince Hal when they're mocking Falstaff, and b) he just fades out of the play and doesn't get wrapped like the others who die or get closed down etc., is really interesting. He knows something, he knows Hal very intimately, deeply enough in his disillusioned way to fully realise that he'll turn against his former friends when the duty of the realm comes down on him. Poins isn't there, not because Shakespeare forgot about him, but simply because he was the only one clever enough to know when to disappear.

Ned Poins is from from Shakespeare's 'Henry IVth' via the BBC version known as 'The Hollow Crown', and, as a character, is in the public domain as it's only six years until the 400th anniversary of Shakespeare's death and there was no copyright around back then anyway (all printed versions before the First Folio were 'theft of intellectual property'!); parts of the iconnage, however, may be property of the BBC. He appears here solely for the purpose of role-playing in [community profile] milliways_bar, from which no profit whatsoever is being made. The mun behind the curtain is [personal profile] yakalskovich.

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